Unable to register mangOH Yellow with WP7702 on Airvantage


I can´t register my new Mango Yellow in Airvantage.

I register the device with
Iccd: 89332401000013667452
IMEI: 352653090153388
wp/sn ; VU911670271210

And I receive the message that “Context is not valid for the user”



Can it be the reason that Mango Yellow board I have received is set up to work with Octave and it has already some other register in other Airvantage account ?


You can only use it for Octave

Does that mean that Yellow will never be usable on AirVantage - or just not yet ?

If you dont want to use Octave, you can still use it as follows:
a. 100MB free data using Sierra Wireless R2C SIMs
b. Attach your own SIM

We will provide sample app showing connection to possibly Google cloud by end of this year.

When you say “100MB free data using Sierra Wireless R2C SIMs”.
That means the same SIM added in the package, or some other SIM sierra may provide?

R2C SIM inside the module. We will enable that feature for final hardware units not the ones you have today as they dont have the R2C SIMs

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I cannot use Octave and would like to validate a non-Octave or Legato-only YellowSensorToCloud.
You note here that by the end of the year a sample app of Yellow Sensor Data to Google Cloud will be available. Can you point me to this App?

If the Yellow platform can only connect via Octave - please let me know so I can switch to another platform ASAP!!