Unable to register mangOH red with WP8548 on Airvantage


I am trying to register a mangOH red with a WP8548 on Airvantage. I have followed the steps of these instructions and on step 14 of chapter 7 (page 39) I get a message that says

Context is not valid for the user

Developer console shows

raven.js:999 POST https://eu.airvantage.net/api/v1/privates/operations/systems/claim? timestamp=1530730387031&company=57ba3f757e8642d29abc8c28b83cb62d 403 (Forbidden)

Context is not valid for the user unknown.partner null

AirVantage: Context is not Valid for the User

Are you using a Sierra Wireless SIM ?



Yes, I am using a Sierra Wireless SIM


oh well - just a thought.


Did you ever find a solution to this? I just tried to register my device and am running into the same issue.