Unable to connect to data


I have a vodafone sim cards for communication only inside of this network.
Simply, I just configure registered in vodafon APN, after that IP assigned to the device.
And I am supposed to be able to have IP communication between my devices.
I faced an issue with MangOH Red (with WP7502). That I can not connect it to the network.
The reason probably is that:

“dcsDaemon[2299]/dataConnectionService T=main | dcsServer.c SetModemGateway() 1577 | Failed to get configuration DNS”

And it is true, this sim cards will never get DNS configs.
So if I try to connect:

root@swi-mdm9x15:~# Connected through interface ‘’

So it different from usual output, since there is no “rmnet0”.
Due to this I have nothing from “ifconfig” command except info about “lo” and “ubs0”

Thanks in advance.


Hi Eldar,

Believe it is same issue described here:

Maybe you can refer to the link to make modification.
Or you can build your own Legato app to setup data connection with le_mdc_StartSession so you have more control how to deal with DNS.
Example code: https://docs.legato.io/latest/c_mdcDataProfiles.html