Trying to duplicate mango_green wp85 image


im going to play dumb here, i do not see a document explaining how to “rebuild” or duplicate the mangOH_green wp85
I have two patches i need to apply to the source tree, and some minor configuration tweaks. Theres apparently no documentation on creating a reproducable build based on the running image
which has a uname of

uname -a
Linux swi-mdm9x15 3.14.29ltsi-961ca71325_ab5094eade #2 PREEMPT Thu Apr 27 02:17:10 PDT 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

i have downloaded SWI9X15Y_07.12.09.00

i would first like to reproduce the existing image for tha mangOH_green with a wp85
then i would like to add 2 patches to the kernel and some configuration variables and rebuild an image for the mangOH_green wp85

sounds simply right, though i cannot find anything explicit documenting how to reproduce the build

please enlighten me… im very curious as to why it doesnt exist.