Trying to connect my FX30s to the Ubuntu VM in Windows


I have my development environment set up in a VMWare VM running Ubuntu 16.04.2. I have installed Developer Studio and can build my code.

Now I am trying to connect my FX30s to the VM. I can get it connected to my Windows Machine and I can attach it to the Ubuntu VM. The device is enumerated and appears as a ethernet adapter and as a modem. However after a few moments the ethernet adapter disappears and the modem remains.
This seems to have something to do with the fact that it is enumerating an ethernet adapter and a modem. Initially the ethernet adapter alone is enumerated. I can ping it successfully (for a second or so). However, once the modem is enumerated the ethernet adapter is removed .

I am not sure where to go with this? Anyone know where I might be going wrong? Should I have installed anything other than Developer Studio? This obviously means at the moment that I cannot connect to the modem to upload any FW etc.



Not sure if this is a problem with the VM interface or Ubuntu itself, but there is an issue with the Modem Manager in Ubuntu and the ECM usb ethernet interface.

Basically, the Legato release notes recommend uninstalling the Modem Manager package.

Have a look here: under the Troubleshooting section for some more info.

Hope this helps.

ciao, Dave


I have managed to resolve the issue. The Modem Manager causes the IP address to be removed from the ethernet adapter. So the recommended solution (from Sierra Wireless) is to disable the Modem Manager utility. Or alternatively as I have done, reassign the IP address to the adapter using the dhclient util.




Enjoy programming your FX30.

ciao, Dave