Trouble With libiio & bmi160


Hello all,

I am in the process of integrating libiio into a Mangoh Red WP85 project using the bmi160_fifo branch from the MangOH repository found here. My goal is to read three channels from the accelerometer. I have been following the BufferedImuRead sample provided here .

After calling iio_buffer_foreach_sample(sampleBuffer, ImuSampleCallback, NULL); The callback appears to run for the angular velocity channels but not the Accelerometer channels.

I have disabled the Gyro channels using iio_channel_disable(gyroXChan); and placed a logging function inside the callback function (LE_INFO("Running Callback for %s", iio_channel_get_id(chan));) Resulting in an output of,

This has been confusing me since I am under the impression that disabled channels would not be passed into the call back function and that enabled channels would be passed into the callback. Having this said I am very new to libiio and would appreciate any insight.

Thanks in advance for any support!