Three mangOH Reds give aways



We plan to give away 3 mangOH Reds from our second build which is taking place in late October. The give away will be restricted to forum users and mangOH Green users.

These are the terms and conditions for the give aways:

a. For reasons of privacy, you can privately respond to this message and tell me what your planning to build with mangOH Green.

b. Agree to do a media blog with us about your end application. We can decide on the timing as we don’t want to affect your product release in anyway.

c. We will chose the top 3 responses and give away the boards to the.

The shipment for the mangOH Red to the lucky winners will happen around Christmas time. It will be fully loaded with WP module along with all the bells and whistles so you can play with it right away.

Here is more info on mangOH red:



MangoH was chosen as the new development platform for the next generation of access control systems to allow cloud based access control and integration of access control to smart devices.

My role is porting the application and hardware to the mangoh and have it ready for release / replacement of existing field units in the new year.

To this end i have prepared a VOIP stack for legato waiting for PCM to be available for simultaneous playback and record.


Hi Greg,

That’s awesome. Can we discuss offline to see whether you will be interested in a case study with us on your solution?



Sure thing any time it was a crazy end of year and i missed this post you welcome to.



We are ready to give away the 3 mangOH Reds in the next 2 weeks . Please send me an email if you can share your platform information with me. I am looking for some cool applications that I can talk about at our Innovation Summit.



Where can we find your email address? Thanks!


mine is at gmail dot com …

Must say the mangoh red is a awesome little board got my hands on it @ SWISS2017 about to order and implement the first run of WP85 based products … they leaving the lab and been handed over to stores waiting for sales …