The low power mode of WP7605

Does wp7605 have an auto suspend mechanism?
Because only the debug console is connected, it seems that there will be no response due to entering suspend (dmesg message is as follows)

[ 64.408601] Freezing of tasks aborted after 0.008 seconds
[ 64.503073] Freezing of tasks aborted after 0.009 seconds
[ 64.629427] PM: Some devices failed to suspend, or early wake event detected
[ 64.742489] Freezing of tasks aborted after 0.009 seconds
[ 64.854391] Freezing of tasks aborted after 0.009 seconds
[ 64.959135] Freezing of tasks aborted after 0.009 seconds
[ 65.925713] sierra_pm_resume, total sleep time = 134, startup_timer expired

and I have run a LED flashing program, it stops after removing the USB cable, and starts normal operation again after plugging in the USB cable

How to enable/stop the power saving mechanism?

I have also checked AT!POWERMODE?
!POWERMODE: No request, status=9-PSM disabled

Another problem is that when I connect mangoh yellow to a Linux computer, I can find the device at first, but the device disappears after about ten seconds ( use lsusb to check, device is still connected). Is this also a suspend problem?

System version
Firmware Version: SWI9X07Y_02.37.03.00 73df45 jenkins 2020/04/08 10:59:14
Bootloader Version: SWI9X07Y_02.37.03.00 73df45 jenkins 2020/04/08 10:59:14

If you remove usb cable from pc, it will enter sleep mode, after that the uart console will not have response

Thank you for your reply.

How can I disable this sleep function?
I’ve checked power mode with AT command(AT!POWERMODE?) , but it showed
!POWERMODE: No request, status=9-PSM disabled

It shows that PSM is disable

Did I understand something wrong?

you need to run an legato application to make the module not going to sleep mode:

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Thanks, this helped me

Hi jyijyi,

we have used update command to install wakeup_app to mangoh yellow (fw: R16 version)
update command ad below:
update wakeup_app.wp76xx.update

we also check the app status of wakeup is running and the wakeup is work , but sometimes wakeup app will disappear in the app list after reboot.
What is the reason for this?

there is rollback mechanism.
If within the probation period after boot up , you reset too many times, the system will rollback to previous version.
You can use “update -g” to mark the system as good system to avoid system rolling back.

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Thanks your help again.

We found that some target boards after installing the wake program(we have mark good with command "update -g "),
I still have the problem of missing the app after rebooting several times, causing the system to enter sleep mode.
Is there any way to solve it?

how about using the command below in init script instead of application?
echo NO_SLEEP > /sys/power/wake_lock

Or you can build the wake up application in the legato cwe, this can avoid application disappeared in the field.

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