Testing MT7697 over UART?


Hey guys,

We have received our custom circuit boards, based on the MangOH schematic. As we have been going through to test we have realized that we have no way to validate that the M7697 is working (or if our antennas are any good). How were you guys validating the MangOH red units’ MT7697 as you were getting the boards made? Is there some UART commands you’re sending the MT7697 manually that allow it to list available wifi networks? Trigger the GATT browser? If you guys already have a procedure I would love to replicate it with our board, I’m nervous to send our product to folks without actually having a way to validate this part first.



Also worth mentioning that we’re running a WP85 without a socket (i.e we can’t swap in a WP76).


check this github page:

use the example to see if your wifi and bluetooth are working.