Tensorflow on mangOH


Out of curiosity, does someone ever cross a project on a mangOH including the tensorflow framework ?

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Bonjour SĂ©bastien,

That’s a great question. TF Lite seems more likely though. I don’t know any commercial product running TensorFlowLite on mangOH, but this may have been tested by few folks out there already.

Anyone who looked at TF Lite on mangOH, please shout!

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To facilitate the inclusion of the Tensorflow Lite runtime with a particular recipes, it would be interesting to have a Yocto version > 2.5 with the AirPrime WP7702 Linux Distro.

As I see, today, the version is 2.5. Is it possible to have any infos about the date of a hopefully new release with an upgraded version of Yocto ?


No one knows ?

There is no roadmap for the Yocto/poky updates with Sierra AirPrimes modules ?