TCP Connection in Mango OH(RED)


I am using Mang OH(RED) . series is HL7650.
can you please guide to me ,how can i connect to TCP connection using AT commands.


Download AT command guide here :
(make sure you are logged in before)

And check chapter 12 for the AT command description + 18.5 for examples.


hi how can i connect Mang OH(RED) to raspberry pi with the UART communication.
because of Raspberry Pi GPIO pin voltage is 3V, but MangOH GPIO voltage is 1.8V.


There is a level shifter on the mangOH Rpi connector that up converts to 3.3V.


sir level shifter means IOT expansion card that is a level shifter or something any


Level shifter convert 1.8V signal to 3.3V for the Rpi interface


yes, I got this working over the RPi connector. I am in the process of trying to connect to a webserver via AT commands, so lets see what happens.


Will these commands work with a WP8548? I am trying them but I keep getting “error” when trying to setup the TCP connection ( and I know I am connected to the APN because I can ssh into the device and see the results from cm data and see the sensor data from it on air vantage). Are there different AT commands for the WP chips?