System clock in mangOh red


is there any system clock in mangOH red ?


if youre keyboard is in Azerty enter : ,qngoh

After change the keyboard language


can’t get exactly what are you saying.
want to know is there any real time clock in mangOH red?


there is no real time clock built into mangoh red. However, you cna think of adding it through the Raspberry pi connector or IoT connecto.



thank you for reply,
i have few doubts

  1. do i have to buy CF3 module compulsory? beacause i want to use temperature sensor, accelerometer and gps module only.
  2. can i access iot expansion LoRa card without CF3 module?


Hi Nagesh,

Yes, you need a CF3 module.
No, you need a CF3 module to access the LoRa card.