Supported sensors on the Red and WP7702 combo


Can anyone tell me if the sensors or the red in combination with the WP7702 are supported, so fully functional under the Legato platform in other words? With sensors I mean the accelerometer, gyroscope, pressure and temperature sensor and light/lux sensor. The GNSS chip seems is also a question together with the audio support. I have come across some posts, but they are not conclusive and don’t seem to offer an definitive answer.



All sensors, GPS are supported on WP7702 and Red combination.



Hi Ashish,

Does supported mean fully functional? Has this been tested on the WP7702?


Yes, fully functional, we use a WP7702 with the red sensors quite a bit.


That is good news, thank you, last question. Is the GNSS chip functional as well as I read a post where it seemed not possible to retrieve a 3D fix.


Yes, it is. The issue is more in which the data is presented not in the value itself


Can you refer me to the post, as your answer is somewhat cryptic. Can you refer to what you mean, is it in a post or link maybe? My question is how to present the data correctly then?


The accuracy and position given by the API call is true and is not invalidated by either 2D or 3D designation.