Strange correlation between le_gnss and Radio?

I found a strange correlation, and cant find any documentation on it, about how le_gnss relate to radio.
I see that if i send a cm radio off command, or if the network got lost (no registration), GNSS handler (le_gnss_AddPositionHandler(…)) stop producing location and in logread i receive this error:

posDaemon[1940]/le_pa_gnss T=unknown | pa_gnss_qmi.c PositionHandler() 1509 | Bad position indication.

if I check with gnss get status it’s ACTIVE. the only way i have in code to receive positions again is to issue a gnss stop and a gnss start on command line.

Am 'i missing something? I just want t contiinue to receive position changes even when radio is off or when there is no network or it’s unreachable. How can I solve?
I can naturally continue to check if network is ok and in that case issue the stop&start command… but i dont like this solution at all.


Are you using agps?
Suggest you trying with AT!gpsfix with standalone mode

I suspected it was something like this. Thanks jyijyi, can i set in stand alone mode via code? I’m not so practical with sending at command directly.


doesn’t work.

cm radio off stops also the gnss service, or at least it’s active but no positions were produced.

I will try the AT way and let you know.


No way also sending AT!GPSFIX=1,255,10 over AT, with microcom on /dev/ttyAT.
if you send radio off and radio on, the gnss stop producing positions samples.

Here are my cm info:
Device: WP7702
IMEI: 352653090194176
FSN: 4L931388970810
Firmware Version: SWI9X06Y_02.35.02.00 5208b3 jenkins 2020/06/10 00:30:12
Bootloader Version: SWI9X06Y_02.35.02.00 5208b3 jenkins 2020/06/10 00:30:12
MCU Version: 002.014
PRI Part Number (PN): 9909138
PRI Revision: 001.001
Carrier PRI Name: SIERRA
Carrier PRI Revision: 001.036_001
SKU: 1104405
Last Reset Cause: Power Down
Resets Count: Expected: 182 Unexpected: 0

and Legato:

Thanks in advance.


Does at!gpsfix work when radio on but network lost?

It seems that on network lost it’s ok. I will make a lot of tests on filed and will update this thread if i find more details.

Thanks for support.