Spi interfaces on the mangOH Red


Hi All,

I would like to know the list of spi devices on the mangOH Red ?
I wamt to access those devices. Is the device comes up with any services/apps etc ?



There’s a SPI interface on the WP with a single chip select pin. On mangOH Red, this interface is routed to the IoT card interface. There’s also a cp2130 USB-to-SPI chip which is connected to the mt7697 wifi chip. The cp2130 SPI bus and additional chip select pins of the cp2130 are routed to one of the pin headers.


Thanks for you reply. are there any sample apps to explore the use cases of the spi devices.

Thanking in advance for your quick support


Is there some specific device you want to attach to the mangOH Red? I might be able to provide more useful guidance with a bit more information.