SPI CLK issues - WP85


Hi All,

Have a mangOH green and WP85.
Used the ‘mux 4’ cmd line util to enable SPI on IoT0.
Started the spiService and spidev0.0 is enumerated on the dev list.
Have a breakout brd in IoT0 slot and have connected Pins 17 and 18 for a loopback test.
Loopback works fine and fails when I remove the link between 17 and 18 - so SPI signals are getting through U904 (via mux control).
Started down the path to get a DOGL128L connected and having issues.
Finally put a scope Pin 16 and have found no CLK. Also scoped the SPI1_CLK Test point on the PCB and also no CLK.

Has anyone had difficulties with a green and a WP85 and the SPI?