SPI API Legato Tutorial dead end?


Hey guys,

I’ve been working to get SPI communicating to an MCP3008 (8-channel ADC) and am really struggling.

I have followed the instructions on Setup SPI on the Legato webpage: http://legato.io/legato-docs/latest/howToSPI.html and when I try to do the very last step, app start spisvc
I get “Application spisvc is not installed”. I’m wondering if the steps in the instructions are perhaps not complete? See screenshot attached to see the logs.

I also had to reference a MangOH forum post when following the Legato ‘howToSPI’ steps when my KO file originally wouldn’t compile, I had the exact same problems as the gentleman who wrote the post. SPI on mangOH Green.

I then aborted trying to use the Legato built-in SPI API and tried using the SpiService and SpiTest demo code in github https://github.com/mangOH/SpiTest/blob/master/spiTest.adef. It looks like the SpiTest code uses the MuxCtrlService… Is using the MuxCtrlService required on the MangOH red’s IOT0 SPI pins? Or will this not be required if I can get the built-in legato spisvc working?

My most recent attempt to send/receive data over SPI has been using the SPI interface API at ${LEGATO_ROOT}/interfaces/le_spi.api, which I figured would be the most promising… But I have been out of luck on that too.

Overall I’m now completely lost on how I would send a basic SPI message over the IOT0 SPI pins on the MangOH Red.


For reference, my forked version of the SPI code can be found here: https://github.com/coastalbrandon/SpiTest

The code has been intended to use the SpiService provided in the Legato framework at the following location ${LEGATO_ROOT}/interfaces/le_spi.api as mentioned in my previous post. I still am assuming this is the SPI api that I should be using.

If anyone has a moment to review my github fork I would really appreciate it. The application compiles and I can run it, but I don’t even see the first LE_INFO output of ===========> SPI application has started… Which perhaps should be a sign.


Are you using the VM or the getting started instructions to setup your computer?
If so, we will do a small update to the sdef tomorrow that should allow the spisvc to be prebuilt.


I’m using the VM.



Can you update your git and follow the instructions:


Thanks! I managed to get my SPI connection working a couple of hours ago - it brought me great pain… But I definitely learned a lot about the legato file structure over the past 24 hours!

I’ll keep the GIT around in case anyone else wants to expand to 8 analog inputs on the mangoh red with an MCP3008.


Hello Asyal,

I’m using a Mangoh green and wp8548…

I’m having the same problem as coastalbrandon, and also when I try to do the very last step, app start spisvc I get “Application spisvc is not installed”.

I’m using the VM provided in the mangoh green getting started.

Can you help me with that?

If you wouldn’t mind, could you clarify something?:
-> There is spiService running in the WP8548 legato 16.10.4, why do I have to setup it?

Kind regards,