Simulate Network Drop Out to Force Calls AirVantage to Session Handler


Is there a method to simulate poor network connectivity or no network availability without removing the SIM card or removing the antenna (as the latter would likely damage the radio front end).

I’d like to see how my apps behave under these conditions.



This stack exchange has the answer you are looking for


@asyal, thanks for the Stack Exchange link it is defiantly useful for simulating the low/bad cell signals and I think we need to consider getting an enclosure for more detailed testing.

That said I was hoping for a way to issue a command on the target that would simulate a network drop out which would result in calls to the AirVantage session handlers. Once I test this I would then like to restore the network and watch the system behaviour. (I have changed the post subject to better reflect my request)

Any way to do this without attenuators and/or an RF enclosure?



I am not aware of a way to do that. Remember you need to tackle both the tx and rx