Simplifying MangOH Red hardware design


We work on our hardware design by simplifying MangOH Red. The only components we really need are WP chip, Accelerometer and Power supply.
Has somebody experience which chips cannot be cut out without need of complicated changes in Linux Distro and the Base Legato System?


Hey @mrjoso,

We’re actually going through this right now! You can read more about our changes here: GPIO stops working after several hours. Long story short, deviations from the MangOH Red will cost you a lot of time to re-validate and require changes to drivers. If you don’t have much time, follow the reference design closely and trust the magic perfected by the MangOH team. It may seem tempting to remove “un-used” parts to save on production cost, but this may be cheaper than months of research and development time required to re-validate a new design.

Hope this is helpful,