SIM Hot-Swappable?

Hey! Quick question is it possible to change the sim on the MangOh red in LE_SIM_EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 at runtime without a reset.
Says that for some platforms it needs a reset to recognize the new sim but says for MangOH EXTERNAL_SLOT_1 should be Hot-Swapable and refers to MangOh green. I can’t find anything about MangOh red so I tried removing and reinserting the sim at runtime but it alwaýs fails to recognize the sim is reinserted and display that the sim is absent. After Reset it works fine again. Am i doing something wrong or is the Sim for MangOh red not hot-swapable?

you can do AT!UIMS to switch to another slot and then back to original one.

change sim card in slot 1

That the only option? On the MangOh green it works without AT-Commands?

have you tried the “cm sim select” command?

you can see here:

I tried that yes. This tells me that teh sim is absent even though i reinserted it before executing the command