Sim card not detected

I inserted a new SIM card in my mangoh yellow but I cannot detect it. The integrated Sierra Sim card is still the one that is detected. Could you help me?

Did you try “cm sim select” commanf?

It works thanks @jyijyi. But I cannot success to connect thanks to cm data connect. Do have any idea of what is going wrong?

Can it register network?

Yes it can. See my screen

Finally, I guess it works. I’ve just changed the pdp to iPV4. But the testing connection has failed. I don’t know if it is important ?

Trying to ping one of the IP address leads to failure

Is it ok the do ping in mangoh board

Do you mean with address If yes, it works.

I mean ping in mangoh board

oh yes it works. I am not very good at theory but it means that is the IP address of my mangoh I need to use in order to establish a TCP/IP connection? is the google dns server!!!
That means your board is ok to ping outside