Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit


We will be showcasing multiple projects using mangOH Red and also giving away first prototypes of mangOH Yellow at Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit.

FYI, mangOH Yellow launch is March 2019, so you have a chance to influence by being there.

Get 2 for 1 tickets to the Innovation Summit with code SWIS2X1:



Ashish, where do we get specs of the Yellow? to do system level prep for its arrival…, we were lucky enough to win one at the Summin in Paris, thanks


Will be hosting a closed group website for our alpha developers after we have figured out how to work that one out. Look forward to developer feedback on it. Stay tuned


Greetins, Ashish. How can I be a part of developers team?
Since I’m interested in this group website and mangOH Yellow.


Greetings as well and thanks for joining our team.
Can you send me a message with more info about your self and we will take that from there…




Very interesting too to be a part of developpers team. I have now a little experience with WP8548/WP76 and legato.