Sierra SIM Cards Moving from North America To Europe


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We have shipped one of our units with a Sierra Wireless SIM card to Portugal and the unit does not seem to be able to connect to cellular out there. The Sierra Wireless SIM card was purchased in Canada and the unit connected fine to Canadian cellular networks prior to shipping. Is there any restriction on the SIM cards based on where you order them from? I’m under the impression that they’re ‘global’, but would like to confirm.



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Check your provisioning option on AirVantage. Do you have roaming zone for EMEA?
RZ Europe



Per moment roaming can take a while and reboot is requested to have AV connection working.


Hey Francis,

That appears to have gotten the unit online! Do you have these RZ’s enabled on every one of your units by default? Did you request all of your SIMs to have these settings pre-provisioned?


I’m in France. I use Sierra SIM and I have requested for global EMEA and North America covered.
Now I have moved to WP76.

WP7603-1 for North America
WP7607-1 for EMEA
WP7609 for Australia (wait sample)

WP8548 is old and only 3G and for North America is now full LTE.
3G will be stopped end of 2019 in US.

LTE offer better result for firmware update, AV connection. And price is lower than WP8548…

Moving to WP76 is quite easy. Only rebuild apps.


Regarding provisioning I think you can add manually.


Hey Francis - we have stuck with the WP8548 for our first product since it was the only one fully certified and would work internationally. Our product is being designed to be on boats that are crossing the Atlantic Ocean, so they’ll start in Europe and end up in North America. We will definitely need to be prepared for 3G eventually shutting down, but so far it’s only Verizon that appears to be end-of-life in 2019.


Ok I see.
WP85 or WP75 seems a good choice in your case.
Keep finger crossing for 3G.

In June I had very bad result with WP8548 in pensylvania. Now all is ok with WP7603. But my equipment are not in boat…

What Antenna is using ?
The small antenna with mangoh red is not good.

I use this. More bigger but much better.



Hey Francis, we have been using the smaller antenna that has come with the MangOH, it has worked OK for us so far. We have also used that exact same Maximus antenna, which has had good results as well. It’s been tough to say if it’s been any better for us, to be honest.

Are there any other less-expensive antenna options available that would suit the Mangoh? May be worth another forum post! haha


Efficiency of Maximus is more higher. In case of bad reception you can found a big difference (see big difference for me on underground application).

Other way is to connect 2 antennas (suggest by sierra wireless expert). Location is a important part too. Antennas must be place with a minimum distance (depend of radio frequency of network).

Yes it’s another topic :slight_smile:

Keep inform about provisioning. I think it can be your problem. You can solve it on AV portal by adding RE Europe .



I couldn’t connect the Sierra SIM card to the network in Brazil.

However, I could connect the MangoH to the network with SIM card of a Brazilian local telecom operator.

Do you know if there is any restriction in Brazil with Sierra’s SIM card?
I don’t see a Roaming Zone option to Brazil.


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