Shortest path to implement NB IoT solution with WP7700

I am just getting familiar with NB-IoT. We have IoT products with LoRa connectivity option. And now we want to provide NB connectivity option also. Can someone please help me get started on this?

  1. I would like to use a NB-IoT module which is global type (any band) and expect to connect to the module by USART i.e. Tx+Rx+Wakeup line / module enable line. I only plan to send/receive data over NB network.
  2. There are a few modules available in market, is there any comparison someone already did as to features and cost? since I will need large number of modules

I don’t have a comparison chart available, but I think what makes the WP77xx interesting is that it includes a CPU running Linux, so you may not need an external processor. If you’re trying to retrofit cellular into an existing product that already has an external CPU, then perhaps that benefit doesn’t really help you. If that’s the case, then you should look at HL series modules.

Thank you so much @dfrey
Yes I am trying to retrofit into my product that already has MCU. I am looking at the HL7800 module and trying to work on a solution using only 2 wire interface to MCU.
Any help would be really appreciated! And also make my process faster…
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Even with an existing MCU, it may still be easier to use a WP77xx so that all the NB-IoT-specific stuff can be contained in it - with very little impact on your existing code.

You could, for example, have your WP77xx emulate the LoRa module …

Hi Andy
Thanks for your reply! The LoRa module works on SPI interface and uses several GPIOs
I would like to use the serial 2 wire with HL7800. You suggest WP77xx module, I think we also need to consider price factor too…
I got sufficient information to start with HL7800, will soon find out how it goes.