Serial with wp7607


Hi all,
I’ve got a mangOH red board with WP7607. I need to receive some serial signals.
As I see here:
2.4.8 Raspberry Pi Rev B-compatible Connector
Uart1 pins are 8,10 (I suppose 8 is TX and 10 RX as the raspberry connector, am I right?)
Does Levels are 5v, 3.3v, 1.8v?
I already use the “IoT connector” for this board
Talon IoT CAN Board wich I supposed use SPI, so I don’t need to route the UART1 to “IoT connector #0”.

I got 3 questions:

  1. How I route UART1 to “raspberry-like” connector?
  2. What is the correspondant /dev/tty* in the Legato framework? (ttyHS0, ttyHSL1, other?)
  3. What is the default baudrate, parity, bytesize and wiring/voltage?

Subsidiary question:

In fact, I will need another serial interface. Does Legato provide a way to do “SoftwareSerial” over free gpio (pins 7,11,13,15)?

Best regards