Sensors and gps to Dash board

Hey everyone
Iwant to present the sensors data and my device location on dash board website.
I was thinking about send data from Octave through edge action leyar.
Some one had do it before?
What the easy way to do it?
My knowledge about web site it’s not so bigst…


We have done dashboards using plotly and extracting data from Octave. Will post code tomorrow

Thanks @asyal
It’s very helpful!

Hi @Elkanamol,

You can have a look at the work we did to build a dashboard for a group of Sierra Wireless employees participating in a local run last year. It’s live at

As @asyal mentioned, it was built using plotly and Octave. There are other charting/visualization packages available such as d3.js and chartjs that you may also want to take a look at.

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You could also use which is fully integrated with Octave