Sensor providers



Could you help me with some begginers doubts?

As I know the MangOH boards has not any sensor install by default so we have to instal the sensors.

Do you know any sensor provider which we can use with your boards?

Your recommendations will be very useful for us.

Thank you very much!


No, that’s not true

The boards also have standard interfaces - I2C, SPI, UART, etc - which you can use to connect sensors.

Do be sure to pay attention to voltage levels!

Have you looked at the range of available IoT Cards:


And don’t forget the Arduino-compatible connectors on Green, and Raspberry-Pi connector on Red …


Dear awneil, Thank you for your answers. I am sorry I am a begginer with all this stuff and it is very hard to understand for me.
I need smoke, temperature, humidity and distance sensors in my board. How could I achieve this?


You haven’t said which mangOH board you are using.

I haven’t checked, but it’s quite likely that the sensors on the Green & Red will also have a temperature capability.

For the others (and if the on-board temperature is not what you want), you will have to add external sensors - connected via one or more of the available interfaces.


I would like to use mangOH red board or mangOH green board, I dont know which one is the best option for me. I suppose that the best option is adding external sensors which is the most confusing thing for me. Do you know an external sensor supplier I could use? I need smoke, temperature, humidity and distance sensors in my board. How could I achieve this?


@Alice you can use the IoT card interface on Red to create a custom board for the sensors you need.
Or you can use the Rpi connector to see if there are any prebuilt boards that have the sensors you need.


mangOH green has the Arduino connectors.

So perhaps you could fit a Grove shield to that - there are many sensors available on the Grove system…

ISTR that @asyal was considering a Grove IoT card a while ago … ?

Or, as he mentioned, there’s the RPi connector on Red …

EDIT - Grove: