Sensor Definitions

I am seeking a document that defines the many sensors on a Mango Yellow.
We see the various readings, but would like to know what the unit of measure is for each sensor and also a reference for an expected range.

For example, we know temp is in Celsius and know what is normal under given circumstances. However, the two temp sensors on the Mango indicate that the temo is 30 degrees in my office. That is about 84 degrees F, and I know that is not accurate.

In reference to the environmental sensors, we do no know what the units are (but would like to) and also a scale of what is normal range and what is out of range. For example, exactly what is CO2e? Carbon Dioxide Equivalent.

These questions are beyond the technical. We are not asking how to configure or turn them on, we are asking what do they mean.

Thanks, David