Sending data periodically Script


I want to use the mangOH as a robot that sends periodically a small amount of data to a mobile network. Do you have any sample script to do this? or maybe some ideas to proceed?
Thank you.



Are you saying that you want to send a small amount of data using the cellular data connection? What is the protocol you need to use to send the data?


Yes that’s it, I will connect it to an LTE network, right now I have the wp8548 supporting 3G but I will have the one that support LTE-M later.
If you mean the transport layer protocol, UDP is the best but TCP could be an option too.
Can I achieve this using only the Arduino circuit inserted on mangoh and program it on Arduino IDE?


What are you sending the data to? If you’re sending data to AirVantage then there is some sample code that I can link you to. When I asked about the protocol I meant the application level protocol. Are you using http, ssh, ftp, mqtt, etc?


I am sending data to a server using ftp protocol. Is it possible to do it by arduino? I want to order an arduino compatible mangoh circuit, considering the specs it has to be a Leonardo right?