Sending AirVanatge command causes device to crash


When I issue the request below to the AirVanatage API it causes my mangOH Green device to crash. Even if I’m not running the lwm2mData application it still crashes. I’m currently running Legato 16.10.3. I’m also using AirVanatge 1.0 since that is what is supported on 16.10.3. I’m wondering if the API is trying to use AirVantage 2.0 commands possibly? I appreciate any insight into this issue. Seems pretty nasty to an API call to be able to hard fault and reboot the device.

AirVantage POST to:
AirVantage Body:
“systems” : {
“uids” : [
“commandId” : “printMsg”

Source Code:
#include “legato.h”
#include “interfaces.h”

static void printMsg_Handler(le_avdata_AssetInstanceRef_t instRef, const char* fieldName, void* contextPtr) {
	LE_INFO("Registered handler called!");

	le_avdata_AssetInstanceRef_t msgRef;

    LE_INFO("AirVantage Data Test Started!");

    // Create instance of message data
    msgRef = le_avdata_Create("myData");
    le_avdata_AddFieldEventHandler(msgRef, "printMsg", printMsg_Handler, NULL);



    myData =


Does anyone from Sierra Wireless want to comment on this issue? We feel like this is a fairly large issue and if it were to occur in a production environment could cause quite a mess.


Can you upgrade your legato to 17.7 or higher? This will support AVC2.
Then follow the redSensorToCloud app for how data is pushed to AirVantage. We will not be responding to questions on AVC1 on this forum.


I can go ahead and start working on that, but I would like to point out that 16.10.3 is the latest release from Sierra Wireless currently for the WP8548. I feel like not supporting AVC1 on the latest officially released firmware is a little premature. Furthermore running 17.7 in Developer Studio definitely takes some doing.


it is a recommendation. you are free to chose what is the best path for you.


I agree that upgrading is a potential option. I guess I’m just confused as to why SW would not be responding to AVC1 questions on this forum if that is the only protocol choice in the latest official firmware release. Am I correct in assuming this post should be closed as this won’t be addressed aside from upgrading Legato to a non-officially released version?


Yes, that’s correct. Please note that mangOH is an open source platform using Sierra modules. If you have a specific reason to use AVC1(which I am really not sure what it is), you can go to and work on the forum there.
At this point, please close this topic on this forum.