Script to disable USB autosleep


I got pretty sick of this when it was first installed as a default feature, so I manually edited the init script to turn it off.
However, I rapidly got tired of this, and wrote a little script to run once on a WP85 install to disable the feature.

Script is attached.

Install instructions:

  1. unpack the script using gunzip on linux, or 7zip on windows.
  2. Copy the script to your WP85 device (scp on linux, WinSCP on windows)
  3. run the script:

This modifies /etc/init.d/ to disable the auto-sleep feature.

To uninstall:

edit /etc/init.d/ and follow the instructions in the comment lines starting with ## modified by (c)Renfell Engineering P/L 2016

I hope that this is useful to someone. (1.3 KB)

ciao, Dave

Disable autosleep