Schematic of CAN-IOT-CARD



Is there a link to download the schematic of the CAN-IOT-CARD ?

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You can find the schematics inside a rar file on this page:

I got there by clicking: Documentation > IoT expansion cards


Ican’t Find the link to download the CAN iot card schematic. Do you have this ?
I receive 2 Talon CAN iot but don’t have the pin out for can connector and the switch setting.



@Scott can you help here?


I have found this on GitHub

I can see a rar file with schematics for CAN IoT.
It seems very similar to Talon.

A EEP is used on the card. It’s to store something ? Board ID ??


@Scott told me that it’s something from Sierra that would allow us to use the card without rebuilding Legato. He also said that it isn’t working properly with all of the Sierra modules.

I’m waiting to hear more details.


recommendation for now is to rebuld the CAN driver in Yocto


the link is broken… please share again


@Scott can uou jump in?


You will find the latest CAN brief here

This includes the schematic portion with the CAN transceiver IC, termination options and CAN connector.

Let me know if you need anything else regarding the hardware.



Is there any info available about the EEPROM that is used on the IOT card? Does it have to be flashed before soldered on pcb? Is it necessary at all?


It’s not necessary and has no usage


Thanks for the quick reply, Asyal!

This is a bit off topic, but can someone explain me what those resistors around voltage level translator on SPI lines are necessary for?


They are carry over from the early hardware versions and allowed us to validate the design. You can remove them for your final design.


thank you very much!