Sample application Httpget cannot be run on WP76 R13

It says DNS cannot resolve host name:

Oct 29 02:00:56 | httpGet[9967]/httpGetComponent T=main | httpGet.c GetUrl() 78 | curl_easy_perform() failed: Couldn’t resolve host name

Any idea on this?
I remember this sample works on R9.

Hello @jyijyi,
I’ll try your setup if you let me know the Legato version and the board (i.e. red or yellow) that
you are using. Also, are you using Leaf, if so the profile would be fine. Also, the latest from the
mangOH repo? If its yellow the sdef has some changes for curl/openssl/zlib to decrease the sizes
for the image.


I just used mangoh red and developer studio wp76 R13 package which is using legato 19.02.