Running mangoh from nfs


is there any simple way to run magog+wp7608-1 from nfs?

typical way to develop a complete filesystem for a lot of platforms goes this way

  1. run it fron nfs
  2. compile new applications, modify default scripts, make some new scripts,
    change kernel settings, add new drivers, test everything and so on
  3. create an image of rootfs to store it on flash (i.e: ubi, sqashfs, jffs2…)

how can I do it with legato?


I haven’t heard of anyone doing this yet using a mangOH. If you figure it out, please leave some notes on the forum. Thanks!


It seems that LK does not support tftp and it’s not easy to have dual cmdline for kernel.
For now I’m just mounting /opt from nfs, to test some modules adn applications.
Fast testing kernel without flashing is probably possible only with JTAG