Ripple20 IoT vulnerability, exploits & attacks

Ripple20 vulnerability that is infecting potentially billions of IoT devices. Is in inherent in the mangOH code base?

Can someone from Sierra Wireless confirm that this vulnerability does NOT exist in the WPxxxx series of Modem modules or in the mangOH series of IoT platforms and devices?

Much more difficult to resolve that which we don’t know exists.

Yikes! - Mike P

I can’t say for sure, but since mangOH is Linux based, which has its own TCP/IP stack, I doubt very much there would be any reason to use the Treck TCP/IP stack. It appears the Treck TCP/IP product is proprietary and is designed for RTOS systems.

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I agree with your line of thinking and that therefore it is highly unlikely - however, it seems a trace of the Legato TCP/IP stack source would rule it out 100% and provide a nice “Marketing point” for Sierra Wireless.

mangOH/Legato/WP definitely uses the Linux networking stack. So, no Treck TCP-IP stack there, and therefore, no Ripple20 either. :slight_smile:

The source code for our kernel is available for free, in accordance with the GPLv2. For example, you can download a tarball of the WP77 Linux distro from Look down the page for “Rebuild Linux Distribution or/and Legato from source”. That same page also indicates which version of Yocto and the Linux kernel the WP77 is based on.



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…love those words: “Definitely”. :+1: Don’t see them often.