Reset SSH password


Hello all,

So I was just introduced to the platform, but I’m struggling to connect myself to the board.

I installed legato without issue, but when I tried to open a connection to the board (through devstudio), it asked me a password. The user guide said that there are no password, but it seems that one has been implemented and nobody can tell me what it is.

Is there a way to reset the board ?

The user guide ain’t giving any information about the serial lines.

Mangoh green / WP8548 / vm kubuntu 16.04 / legato-16.10.3-linux-64bits



Hi @loic.guillaume

If you have no idea of the password, and if you’re ready to loose all data/apps currently on the device, your last chance is to erase the user partition, in order to recover a fresh root FS (without password for root).

In DS, you can use the recovery wizard
In CLI on Linux, you can use swiflash with the -r option (

But I’m afraid to understand that you’re using a VM?
In this case, you can’t use the recovery feature (whatever it is from DS or CLI) in the VM, since it needs the direct USB connection to the device.
That said, you have two choices:

  • Install native DS for Windows
  • Switch to a native Linux

Hope this will help.


Thanks ! Very useful procedure.

But this is what I got from the Legato target recovery:

[Tue, 4 Jul 2017 09:33:59 +0200] /home/loic/legato/packages/legato.recovery. -r -m WP85XX
Detecting USB of the target
Communicating with the target
Switching to firmware download mode

Unfortunately, it seems stuck into “Switching to firmware download mode”.
And after several minutes it timeout.

I know you said that it requires a direct USB connection, but using the USB parameter of the VM I manage to connect the board and getting this:

loic@vbox:~/legato$ ls /dev/ttyUSB*
/dev/ttyUSB0  /dev/ttyUSB1  /dev/ttyUSB2

For the record, only the mangoh green is connected and if I remove it, the ttyUSB disappear.

Any thought ?


It seems that sometimes the mangOH Green doesn’t go into firmware download mode properly. Try flipping dip switch 7 to the up position and then flip it back to the down position once you get past “switching to firmware download mode”.


Hi @loic.guillaume

This is typically the kind of issue you’ll get with a VM.
Recovery procedure will reset the device to enter into download mode.
Even if you manage to configure the VM to get the USB connectivity OK at first, this config will be “lost”, or at least doesn’t support the device reset.