Reset mangOH green to factory settings

How do I fully reset a mangOH green to the official firmware image?

I have updated legato to 18.05.1 from 16.10.4 to test the procedure and would like to revert this.

I’ve tried sudo swiflash -m WP750X -i WPx5xx_Release15_GENERIC_SPK.spk but after the reboot legato version still shows 18.05.1.

Downgrading with update legatoz-16.10.4_wp85.cwe does not work since the tool refuses this with

Systems installed:
  21 [good] <-- current
Legato frameowrk is running.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


try to first

swiflash -m WP750X  -r

It will erase the user partition.

To erase legato follow instructions:

legato stop
rm -rf /mnt/flash/legato/*

that did not have an effect.

Erasing legato as @Francis.duhaut described worked.


Yes it’s the best way if you have flashed a legato “update” (stored in RW partition).
If you have flashed a .cwe, the new legato will be stored into the read only partition.

The only way in this case is to reflash the original firmware or old legato .cwe.

good day.