Request for manifest file for Yocto Image Used in mangOH-yellow WP76xx

Hi there,

Can anyone share the manifest file for the yocto image used in mangOH-yellow-wp76xx_0.7.0.spk

md5sum for the file => 49243e10ed9071e5db139ff0c29fc6a8

We would like to use this file in order to install the dependencies for the Bluetooth functionality .

Thanks & Regards

  • Ak

does this help?

Hi, Ak,

Did you get what you needed?


Hi @jchitty ,
Though I found what I wanted but I could see lot of dependencies which I am currently fixing . Once this is done I will be able to use most of Bluez features which I had verified with mangOH-yellow-wp76xx_0.7.0.spk