Repository for MangOH Yellow and WP7611


I just got delivery of my new MangOH yellow + WP7611 evaluation kit. I was preparing for development with this platform but just noted that when I look through leaf for a MangOH yellow repository through leaf, there is none for the Yellow and WP7611. This is my setup of leaf:

leaf remote (Sorry about formatting in advance)

│ legato-stable │ │ yes │
│ legato-dev │ │ yes │
│ mangoh_red │ │ yes │
│ mangoh_yellow │ │ yes │

In the interim, is the best approach to grab the package swi-wp76_5.0.0 and build based off this one?


After some more research, I do see a repository in Github for this.

Will this ever be released via leaf?

I have another question:

I think i messed up my setup of my mangoh yellow with WP7611 and would like to re-install firmware and go back to stock. But the mangoh website only lists firmware download for WP77XX. What should I do?

You can search wp76 fw in