Remote Application Update


I am trying to test remote application update from airvantage. I am able to send remote command (tried with restart command) and working good in my mangOH without issue. I am also running lwm2mControl sample app to monitor the AirVantage session.
But while trying to release any app say helloworld.wp85.update in airvantage it is throwing an error message like “No application file found”. Please help me on remote installation / update (download over the air) of any application from airvantage.



it is successful now. below link helped me



Hi @niladridm, @asyal

thanks for your post.
I am trying to do a FOTA too from airvantage.
However, I am trying to update an entire custom firmware (*.cwe file) containing boot+yocto+legato-af.
I am not able to release my firmware as it says - “No application found” & sometimes “No binary found” when I upload it to airvantage.

Is there a different way or a tool chain used to build firmwares compliant for FOTA ?
Are you aware of any manual/documentation about it ?

FYI, I have also posted this issue in SWI forum. But haven’t got any answers yet.

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I have already posted the link in my previous reply. Here is the link

Steps are

  1. cd to your code dir
  2. make wp85
    now you have the binary file like “xyz.wp85.update” (“xyz” - your application name)
  3. mkapp -t wp85 xyz.adef
  4. av-pack -f xyz.wp85.update _build _xyz/wp85
    abc -> your organization name and dont forget to replace xyz with your application name

after that you can find a .zip file created in your code dir which you can release without any trouble.
Hope this help.



Thanks @niladridm,

I did see your link and have tried it.
What I would like to do is to update the entire firmware (*.cwe file) and not just an app.



Yes, it is possible to do firmware update as per your request. Can list the steps later this week/early next week.



Hi Ashish,
is there any link, mentioned the steps for update the custom firmware (*.cwe file) ?



Hi Nila,

there is no documents on this yet. Will let you know later when available.



Can someone guide me with some sample code to handle updates on the mangOH board?