Release notes for mangOH firmware and firmware backup


I just got a new mangOH Yellow board and I’d like to be able to make a backup of the firmware that’s already on it before I start putting my own stuff on it. Is there a tool to do this?

The firmware on it doesn’t seem to correspond to the 0.70 release available here mangOH Yellow Resources - Software - mangOH as that seems to be based on legato 19.11.3 going by “swicwe --parse mangOH-yellow-wp76xx_0.7.0.spk”.

The firmware on the new board is based on legato 20.04.0 so I’m wondering where it comes from and where I can get the release notes.

Here is the release note of legato 20.04.0:

For WP76 using legato 20.04, I can only see this one in “leaf search”

Ok, thanks for that, so I guess that must be what is installed on the board. Is anything specific to mangOH Yellow already part of the base legato system? For instance there is an app called helloYellow running.

Ah, sorry, that seems to be coming from here - GitHub - mangOH/mangOH: Primary mangOH git repository


Yes, thanks for your help, think I’m ok now.