Regarding SDIO devices connecting to WP7607 module

Hi ,

I am using WP7607 module in one of the design and need to add WiFi module WL1831 to the same .

We are successfully integrated and tested WL1831 WiFi module with WP7607 MangOH Red board’s IoT card slot.

Now we need to customize modem board to add WiFi WL1831 module .

Since WL1831 is not belongs to CF3 card specification , let me know the we need to provide 2.95V ( card voltage specification voltage) to WP7607 module pin 160 which is named as Reserved pin in datasheet . As per datasheet , pin 160 is floating pin but in MangOH red board , it is connected to 2.95V .

For WL1831 module integration to WP7607 's SDIO port , Can we leave pin 160 as No connect floating pin or need to connect 2.95V ?

or else need to connect 1.8V which is same as that of WL1831 I/O logic voltage ?

Please reply .