Reduce power consumption for MangOH Red

I’ve searched this forum and there are no clear guides on how to reduce the power consumption of the MangOH Red. Is there a guide for disabling hardware, either via the hardware switches or via GPIOs?

Currently power consumption averaging is around 160mA (@ 5V), with gnss and radio turned off. Is there a way to disable wifi and bluetooth, or other devices?

I am measuring power over the USB when connected to CF3 USB.

I don’t remember the specifics, but I think there is something you can do to save some power by disabling the battery charging capabilities of the system. Do you need battery charging?

Also, please read through the Legato Power documentation to get some ideas of how you might be able to change you software to more effectively save power. If you have the devMode app installed, you will need to remove that to allow the device to enter lower power states.

Thanks. I have tried those and it’s all marginal power savings. Shutting down all services saves the most power, I need to spend some time and document everything.

What features do you want to use on the platform?

Hi Asyal,

I’m mainly wanting to use GPS, the modem (WP8548) for networking and SMS, also an IOT card which allows serial communications. All other peripherals are not necessary.


Are you ok to make hardware mods to the board? Like removing resistors etc.?

Yes, I can do that. What resistors can be removed? And what power improvement could I expect?

Quite a bit actually. What numbers are you wanting to have and in what modes?
I’ll need to dig through some of our test numbers and send that to you tomorrow.

Anything helps really. I have pretty much the default configuration at the moment.

Can you try the following:
*Mediatek at reset (AT!WIOCFG=25,4,1)
Measure current: 50-75mA
Measure current USB SS mode: 30mA

Thanks @asyal, this saved around 30mA. However the command should be AT+WIOCFG=25,4,1

Thanks for that.
…here are the numbers we get
Radio is ON: 150-$400mA
• Radio OFF (cm radio off): 140-180mA
• Mediatek at reset (AT+WIOCFG=25,4,1)
o 50-75mA
o USB SS mode: 30mA