RedSensorToCloud broken in Legato AF 17.10.0


Hi I needed to update my Legato AF to the latest to get my project working. While the project is working with another cloud platform, I wanted to validate some of the data at the Airvantage Platform. The last that I tested RedSensorToCloud was with Legato AF 17.07.02 which built and loaded on the board without any issues and I was getting data at the AV. with 17.10.0

The terminal output below:
mangoh@mangoh-virtualbox:~/mangOH/apps/RedSensorToCloud$ ls
avPublisherComponent _build_RedSensorToCloud _build_redSensorToCloud LICENSE.txt redSensorToCloud.adef sensorsComponent
mangoh@mangoh-virtualbox:~/mangOH/apps/RedSensorToCloud$ mkapp -t wp85 redSensorToCloud.adef
/home/mangoh/mangOH/apps/RedSensorToCloud/sensorsComponent/Component.cdef:11:8: error: Couldn’t find file 'le_adc.api.'

am I missing or domeing something wrong? I tried the same on the 17.07.02 backup directory and its the same. I am using the latest mangOH release from github. I don’t want to go back to 17.07.02 as my application dataconnectionservice le_data api doesn’t run with it.


The issue was that sensorsComponent/Component.cdef requires le_adc.api, but mkapp didn’t know where to find it. When you’re building a system, mksys knows how to find it because of the interfaceSearch lines that are present in the default.sdef in the Legato source tree.

I have changed the Component.cdef to require modemServices/le_adc.api so that it can be found when building using mkapp.

The RedSensorToCloud commit is: 03c938fe4013c680f851e44ae193dd2134c02b1b
The top-level commit that references it is: 3d6c0db735c97fcef067e517c956aed6b064d86c


Move to legato 17.11.0.