Recommend digital temp sensors on Mangoh Red?


I’m interested to get some experience with Mangoh Red and locally simultaneous connect&use 4 digital temperature sensors (I want to avoid using analog thermistors)
Can anyone recommend ext temp sensors e.g. SPI based DS18B20 and has drivers etc already working?
thnx for sharing!


It seems that the DS18B20 is a 1-Wire (not SPI) sensor. Were you thinking of a different sensor?


Thnx for your response!
My objective is to connect 4 temp sensors which are approx. 50cm wired close to the mangOH Red.
To avoid need of calibration I thought to use sensors with digital output. My initial thoughts were to use spi, but I understand now that the spi-bus cannot have external sensors connected with 1 m wires.
An alternative like rs485 makes it more complex so, I guess for this proof-of-concept I’ll use ADC based thermistors and end-up playing around in the kitchen with ice and boiling water to calibrate :wink:
Keep it simple. Agree or any other suggestions?


That should be fine. Uart and spi won’t run over wires so those are out. I haven’t tried i2c based ones on wires but you can give it a try. We have tried adc over that length as was fine. Make sure the max adc is not more than 1.8v.