Rebuild Yocto for wp77xx

Does any one know the steps to rebuild yocto for the mangOH Red with wp77xx?

  1. Create an AirVantage account
  2. Login to the Legato Gerrit Server using your AirVantage account
  3. In the Gerrit settings, set your username
  4. In the Gerrit settings, add an ssh key from your development machine
  5. If the username you set in the Gerrit settings is different from the username on your development machine, you need to add a section like this to your ~/.ssh/config:
    User your_gerrit_username

Once you have done all of the above, try to test your access to Gerrit as follows:

$ ssh -p 29418

  ****    Welcome to Gerrit Code Review    ****

  Hi David Frey, you have successfully connected over SSH.

  Unfortunately, interactive shells are disabled.
  To clone a hosted Git repository, use:

  git clone ssh://

Now we want to fetch all of the necessary git repositories. The repo tool is used to do this.

  1. Run mkdir ~/yocto-mangOH-wp77xx && cd ~/yocto-mangOH-wp77xx
  2. Run repo init -u -m mangOH/branches/master/wp77xx.xml
  3. Run repo sync (This will take a very long time)
  4. Run make image_bin to build the image
  5. Run make toolchain_bin to build the toolchain

To avoid having to download and install various prerequisite packages before building yocto, you can instead build using a pre-made docker by running USE_DOCKER=1 make image_bin or USE_DOCKER=1 make toolchain_bin.