Reading I2C device with address 0x00



I’m looking to read data from a i2c device (TSD30D - Thermopile) which has an i2c address of 0x00. While this device is made specifically for the Raspberry Pi I have not found away to access anything at address 0x00. When I attempt to run “i2cdetect -y -r 0” the addresses 0x00 - 0x03 are out of range. Even if I check all 4 I2C busses there is still seemingly no way to check I2C address 0x00. If there is away I would be very interested in entertaining it.



Address 0x00 is reserved by spec, so you have to specify the force flag to i2cdetect. I think it is either -a or -f.


Thank you, found out the part datasheet was incorrect the I2C address is 0x76 or 0x77 and not as stated in the documentation 0x00.