Rationale for M4 insted of M0


Hello I would have thoughrt that Mangoh réf would be even more frugal with an M0 CORTEX. What made you chose an M4 ?


The cortex m4 is a 3rd party solution that provides WiFi and Bluetooth functions. So it can run user code, but it has other tasks to perform as well.


Thank you. i understanding that. And I Guess an M0 could also do this job
nicely and yet draw less energy I assume, wouldn’t it ?

Si I guess there are some other things un balance.


Depends on the architecture you have in mind and the power modes.
In our case, we support two use cases:
a. WP module as master controlling the platform including the Mediatek MT7697. Note this part has WiFi/BT and the cortex M4. You can do real time I/O control on the cortex M4. WP itself can shut down the rest of the sytem. WP has a small cortex M0 built into but that part is not user programmable. Note that power consumption of the system can do down to 6ua (with mod) to 50ua(native) in lower power mode.
In summary, thiis is a powerful linux system with built in M0 for power optimization. the M4 is more for real time I/O capabilities as well WiFi/BT.
mangOH Red power optimization is done for the WP use case.

b. HL mode: MT7697 controls the HL module. The platform is not power optimized for this use case.


thks Asyal for those explanations (sorry for not responding earlier !).
do you know when the RED will be available now ?


We are working for delivery by our Innovation Summit in Paris. late May to early June.


Hello Asyal

MangoRed has a CortexM4 but in your answe you say this is inside WIFI/BT module and WP is the master. it´s our WP that´s switch ON/OFF mediteck module.

I wan CortexM to power on/off WP85 to optimize power consumption.

You say there´s a CortexM0 inside WP to do this. Where is the documentation to use this CortexM0 inside WP to swicth on/of wp85?




Hi Isabel,

The M0 inside the WP85 isn’t directly user-programmable. You can however request wakeup based on these conditions:

  • Edge transition on specific GPIOs
  • Timer
  • ADC reading going outside specified bounds.

You can see the APIs here:


Hi ,
where can i get full specs of using the MT7697 M4 to program our application into it and customise the firmware in the M4 ?
Also, Is there any power analysis or optimization documentation ?