qmiCli connecto to the modem

Hello. how can i can connect to modem via qmicli in linux of the target?

you need to install the USB driver MBPL_Drivers_R24_ENG3-src.tar in here:


You can also see here:

no i want coonect to the modedm on th board from board :smiley:

ssh to and from connect to modem is USB ECM port, not QMI port, so you cannot use qmilci on this interface.

so from mangoh i can’t connect ot modedm by qmi?

you need to install the MBPL USB driver as said above to use cdc-wwan0

if I can compile drivers for the arvmv7 architecture (mangoh), transfer them to my board, then I can use qmi cli?

my main task is to make internet connections without cm and legato.

I think you can only use the cm tool or legato API to make the yocto linux of module to go internet.

so, if I can install drivers and qmi may it not work?

The driver is for linux host platform connecting to module, not for internal yocto linux

i understood thanks.