Python and Node js


Hello all
receipts for python and nodejs are available in Legaro plataform in the layer Meta-python and also Nodejs, Meta-oe ( but they are not availble as a resource in Legato. Whart is the reason?

How the pip receipt can be update?

What will be the procedure for the customer to use python and Node js with Legato plataform?




I find this answer in the web.
The steps needed to add python packages in your custom Linux image with Yocto:

in the file (If your taget is wp85), add python “core” package

`  IMAGE_INSTALL += " python" 

To add more python packages (optionals, depending on your needs):

IMAGE_INSTALL += " python-threading 

Idem with nodejs.

IMAGE_INSTALL += " nodejs"

I see this curso python in the web too, talks a lot about it


Hi Reuilson, I want to install Python3 and PIP, How do I get started as you have done. How do I compile Linux Image with Yocto. Thanks in Advance.